Tetraplegia Claims

Tetraplegia is the most serious and severe of all kinds of paralysis, leaving victims potentially unable to use any of their limbs or their torso. Those with tetraplegia will have to be cared for by others for the rest of their lives, and will more than likely need to have their home significantly modified to accommodate their needs. Carrying on with a career is usually not an option, and even the simplest day to day tasks become a huge effort.

It’s difficult to imagine the pain and emotional suffering caused by such a condition unless you have been in the situation yourself, but our solicitors will use their vast experience to put themselves in your place and develop an understanding of the impact that tetraplegia will have on your life.

We have claimed compensation for many people dealing with the reality of life with tetraplegia and we can help you too. For more information about how much you could claim call us now, on 01782 608 744, and let our specialist team advise.

Causes of tetraplegia

Tetraplegia is caused by damage to the brain or the spinal cord, usually to the cervical vertebrae of the spine. We’ve claimed for people who’ve developed tetraplegia following:

  • A fall from height
  • A road traffic accident
  • A sporting injury

Tetraplegia compensation

If you have tetraplegia following an accident then it’s likely that you will be forced to consider making costly renovations to your home, and will also be concerned over the cost of the long-term care you will need.

Compensation claimed by Your Personal Injury Partner can be used for home modifications, the purchase of specialist equipment to make your day to day life easier and any care and medical costs you could be facing.

As well as this it can also be used to help keep a home afloat if you’re forced to give up work permanently.

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