Serious Head Injuries

Severe head injuries can be life changing. They can cause serious physical problems, cause issues with mobility and lead to drastic personality changes which are hard for a victim and their family and friends to manage.

If you’ve suffered a serious head injury you may find yourself unable to carry on working, and you may be forced to rely on others for much of your care; which is both difficult to deal with on a personal level and also potentially costly.

Here at Your Personal Injury Partner we have claimed compensation for a variety of victims of serious head injuries. We understand the devastating impact that catastrophic head injuries can have on your family life and career, and while financial compensation will not return your life back to the way it was, it can help ease financial stress.

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Types of serious head injuries

Serious head injuries are defined as those which have a long-term and debilitating impact on someone’s health and wellbeing. Recovery processes are often long and symptoms may last for a whole lifetime.

We have claimed compensation for all kinds of serious head injuries including:

  • Skull fractures
  • Severe concussion
  • Head injuries resulting in loss of sight/double vision/hearing problems
  • Head injuries resulting in mental health issues/personality changes

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