Multiple Serious Injuries

Any kind of accident or injury can be distressing and result in a lengthy recovery process; however, some accidents are so severe that they leave victims with injuries to many different parts of their body, adding to both their pain and emotional distress.

If you’ve been left with a range of injuries following an accident then the team at Your Personal Injury Partner can claim compensation on your behalf. We’re experts in dealing with complex cases involving a wide range of injuries, and we will always work towards the highest payout possible.

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Types of multiple injuries

Multiple injuries are generally defined as injuries to different parts of the body, or a combination of various injuries. A serious multiple injury could include:

  • A range of fractures and breaks to limbs
  • Injuries to internal organs
  • Head injuries

If you’ve suffered multiple injuries in an accident then your recovery period could be considerably longer than if you’d suffered a single injury, and because of this you could also incur expensive medical bills.

We can claim compensation that can be used to cover the costs of your care as well as the day to day costs of your life, from your mortgage to your weekly shop. This can be particularly helpful if you’ve been forced to take time off work whilst you recover.

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If you’ve been left with a range of injuries following any kind of accident the Your Personal Injury Partner team can claim compensation on your behalf. To find out more about the claims process and how much compensation you could be entitled to call us now, on 01782 608 744.

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