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Holiday Sickness Claims - All Inclusive Hotels

For some people that two week all inclusive holiday in the sun is what they dream about all year so, when they finally arrive at their dream destination and are struck down by chronic stomach pains vomiting and diarrhoea that dream is shattered.

Norovirus, salmonella, e-coli, gastric illness and legionnaires disease are just a few of the food related sicknesses that ruin holidays!

Holiday illness is preventable

In some instances holiday illness can be caused by a reaction to a change in diet or too much sun and no one can be blamed. However, many cases of holiday illness are caused by the poor hygiene and food preparation procedures of the all inclusive holiday provider. If this was the cause of your illness you may have a claim for holiday sickness compensation.

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If you have suffered with holiday sickness following a stay in an all inclusive hotel please get in touch. Our friendly lawyers offer a free initial consultation and most holiday sickness cases are taken on a NO WIN, NO FEE basis so there is no financial risk to you.

UK Tour Operators have a duty of care

Making a compensation claim against a foreign hotel may sound complicated. Fortunately many holiday sickness cases can be made against the tour operator and the claim is governed by English law. The British The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 mean tour operators are under a duty of care to ensure the accommodation they provide, is to a standard which adheres to international food safety and general hygiene procedures. If these standards are not met and holiday guests become ill then there is potentially a holiday illness claim.

Holiday illness claim advice

  • Seek medical help immediately – don’t suffer without assistance! Food poisoning left untreated can have very serious consequences so seek medical advice. For the purpose of making a holiday sickness claim ensure you keep any documentation associated with the medical advice, particularly evidence of diagnoses .
  • Obtain details of other sick people –all inclusive hotels are notorious for outbreaks of food poisoning due to the buffet style eating arrangements. If more than one person is sick it adds weight to your holiday sickness claim.
  • Report your sickness to the travel operator – and make a note of what assistance, if any, they provide during your illness. 
  • Keep all travel documentation - flight bookings, hotel details, tour operator information is important information we will require to begin your claim. 

How long will my holiday sickness claim take?

When faced with a holiday illness claim holiday tour operators are given six months to investigate so an average claim can take up to 12 months to resolve.

How much will I get for my holiday sickness claim?

The holiday sickness compensation amount is dependent on a variety of factors. The severity of the illness being the main factor. What illness was contracted, how severe and how long did the suffering last and what, if any, are the long term effects of the illness will all impact on the compensation amount. Other factors influencing the compensation amount are time of work and loss of earnings and any other out of pocket expenses such as holiday and medical costs.

Compensation amounts vary greatly but start at around £1,500 for a mild holiday illness but there is no upper limit on how much compensation can be awarded.

Free Assessment of your claim

For an estimate of compensation based on your specific circumstances please get in touch. Our friendly lawyers offer a free initial consultation and most holiday sickness cases are taken on a NO WIN, NO FEE basis so there is no financial risk to you.

Holiday Sickness Claims Case Studies 

£2,800 in holiday accident compensation for a lady who got food poisoning in Eygpt

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