Group Compensation Claims

Group actions, sometimes referred to us multi-party actions, allow groups of people who have been affected by a devastating event to come together and make claims for the compensation to which they are entitled. In these situations single claims are not financially viable, and often victims find strength and support by working together.

If you are interested in making a group compensation claim then you need a solicitor with the relevant experience and knowledge of this area – and we have it.

Here at Your Personal Injury Partner we have helped victims of all kinds of situations to come together and claim the compensation they are entitled to and deserve. If you have been involved in a high profile event, accident or anything else, and making a claim on your own doesn’t seem viable, contact us for more information on how to go about bringing a group action.

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Examples of group compensation claims

We have dealt with all kinds of group compensation claims. We have represented parties who have fallen ill on cruise ships and had a holiday ruined, as well as those involved in plane crashes and other transport disasters. At the most serious end of the scale we have represented victims of terrorist attacks.

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Group compensation claims can be complex, with the testimonies and accounts of everyone involved needing to be considered. We have the knowledge and the experience to be able to successfully represent large groups of people, and we understand the complexities of these kinds of claims.

We will ensure that everyone within a claim group remains on the same page, and that no one person’s actions impact the case as a whole.

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