Child Brain Injuries

Serious brain injuries in children have a severe impact not only on the child themselves but also their family, friends and others in their lives, from school teachers and sports coaches to music tutors.

If your child has suffered a severe brain injury following an accident you’ll be facing all kinds of difficulties – dealing with the huge changes to your family’s life and routine can be very tough, and you may also be anxious about the future in terms of your finances.

Compensation can at least ease the financial strain of caring for a child with severe brain injuries. Children with severe brain injuries often require round the clock and comprehensive personal care which can be incredibly costly. As well as this you may need to make significant changes to your home and its facilities to ensure your child gets the care they require.

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How can your child’s compensation be used?

It’s difficult for those who haven’t experienced it to understand just how much looking after a child with a severe brain injury can affect a family life and routine. They may be unable to attend school, may be unable to eat, use the toilet or dress without help and their personality may have changed.

Many parents are forced to give up work after their child is injured, causing financial strain and emotional distress which is exacerbated by having to pay for expensive medical care. While compensation can’t fix all these issues, it can at least be helpful in easing the financial burden of losing income.

Our clients have used compensation to:

  • Cover medical bills
  • Pay for carers to visit their children at home
  • Fund home modifications
  • Pay for modified transport for their child
  • Fund at-home teaching if a child is unable to attend school

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