Brain Injury Compensation

Victims of severe brain injuries often suffer long-term health problems and a need for comprehensive care. Some brain injury victims will be left with lifelong memory problems, or could see aspects of their personality drastically change – and in very serious cases victims could be left paralysed, or with limited mobility and function.

It’s difficult to imagine the impact that a brain injury will have on you as a victim, as well as your family and friends, and for many people adjusting to life following their injury can be very hard.

Here at Your Personal Injury Partner we can help to ease at least the financial side of your situation. If you’ve suffered a brain injury, or someone in your family has, you could be hit with large medical bills, or you could soon run into financial trouble if your injury is so severe it’s left you unable to continue with your job.

For more information about making a claim call our expert team today on 01782 608 744.  We can offer you an obligation free appraisal on your eligibility to claim, as well as more information on how much you could be entitled to. For very serious brain injuries requiring lifelong care payouts can run into millions and we’re experienced in dealing with these complex cases.

Types of serious brain injuries

We handle compensation claims for brain injuries of any kind. To be classed as a serious brain injury an injury will usually have resulted in one or more of the following:

  • Severe mobility problems
  • Significant memory loss/difficulty remembering new information
  • Disability or paralysis
  • Significant personality changes or mental health issues

Victims of severe brain injuries are often left unable to work for the rest of their lives, and they may also require long-term and comprehensive medical care. As a result a victim and their family may find they are facing very costly medical bills.

Recent case:

Student Suffers Permanent Brain Damage due to a Fall - Awarded Six Figure Sum

Road Traffic Accident Leads to Brain Damage & Facial Reconstruction - Amount Decided at a Joint Settlement Meeting

Brain Damage and Severe Memory Loss after Motorcycle Incident - Awarded £775,000

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Our varied experience in dealing with compensation claims for brain injuries makes us best placed to help you and your family deal with your situation and its implications. For more information about making a compensation claim call us now, on 01782 608 744.

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