Amputation Claims

Some accidents are unfortunately so serious that they require some part of the body to be amputated. The severity of having an arm, leg or digit amputated following an accident cannot be overstated – these kinds of injuries can be incredibly debilitating and painful, and almost always result in major lifestyle changes.

If you’ve been injured in an accident of any kind, whether on the road or in your amputation is because of a workplace accident, and it’s resulted in the devastating loss of a limb you could be entitled to compensation for your distress as well as the potentially costly medical costs you could be facing.

The team here at Your Personal Injury Partner can help you to secure this compensation quickly and without complication. We’ve helped all kinds of people injured in a variety of ways, and we understand the terrible impact which amputation injuries can have – physically, emotionally and financially.

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Amputation injuries

We have claimed for a wide variety of amputations, including:

Amputations can be the result of a wide variety of incidents, including; construction site accidents, incidents involving machinery in factories and on farms, and serious road traffic collisions.

Adjusting to life following your surgery 

The period following an amputation is no doubt a difficult time, and in many ways the surgery is only the beginning of a very long and arduous process. If you’ve had a limb amputated it’s likely that you’ll be facing:

  • Adjustments to your living arrangements
  • Significant changes to your working life
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation

You may also be considering the fitting of a prosthetic limb – getting used to living with these will take time, effort and the consideration of family and friends.

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