Passengers Injured in Road Accidents

Road Accident Passenger Injury Claims – car, coach, motorbike, van, lorry  or bus.

When an road accident occurs it’s not necessarily the drivers that take the brunt of the injury. Often, passenger injuries are as bad as, if not worse than the driver’s, and if you’ve been injured as a passenger, it can be difficult to know what to do - especially if the driver is someone close to you – or someone you know pretty well.

I’m an injured passenger, so what are my rights?

If it is a friend or family member who was in charge of the vehicle in which you were hurt, you may be reluctant to claim against them. Initially, it may be a little awkward, but this is what their insurance is for. The Motor Insurers Bureau also exists to help those injured by uninsured drivers, so you must not fear seeking compensation - especially if your injuries cost you money in lost wages, or medical bills.

Child Accident Compensation

For children injured as passenger, a parent or carer can act as a ‘litigation friend’ to the child, allowing them to receive compensation for any injuries received.

Essentially, if you have sustained injuries as a passenger in an accident that was not your fault, then you may be able to claim compensation.

Do passengers always claim against the driver?

In motor vehicle accidents the driver of the car is usually the one deemed to be responsible, although this is not always the case. We dealt with one such case where a female passenger in a stationary vehicle was injured when a stranger’s car reversed into her friend’s car. Your Personal Injury Partner lawyers were able to facilitate a settlement for the passenger of £3,600 for neck injuries caused by this incident. Occasionally, if it is proved that an accident was caused by defective road conditions such as unrepaired potholes or un-gritted surfaces then the local authority can be held responsible for passenger injuries as well as damage to the vehicle concerned. Whoever is found to be at fault is the one who you can make a claim for compensation against.

Contributory Negligence

Please note  if an injured passenger is found to have contributed towards their injury through not wearing a seatbelt, or knowingly getting into a car driven by a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this could possibly reduce any compensation amount.

Types of Passenger Injury 

As many of the case studies in our records show (see related cas studies below), the potential for injury is boundless where passengers are concerned. People have sustained injury in freak accidents like a driver running over their foot or dragging them along the road after catching a coat in the door. Another of our cases concerned a lady injured when she fell when a taxi drove off while she was trying to get in. We also represented a car passenger whose sister – the driver – set off prematurely, driving over the passenger’s foot. The passenger in question received £2000 compensation for loss of earnings and suffering.

Public service vehicle injuries

It’s not just car passengers that become injured due to driver error. Other instances involve public service vehicles like coaches and buses. Passengers injured in such vehicles may also be eligible for compensation. One of our cases involved a lady who was quite badly hurt because the bus driver kept braking harshly, in one instance causing his passengers to jolt and fall. And there have been several news stories of buses shunting the vehicle in front of them, driving into bridges, and even – in one recent incident – driving into floodwater with a full load of schoolchildren on board.

Injuries don’t have to be life threatening or life changing to warrant further action. In many cases they will involve whiplash injuries to the neck or back, or soft tissue, ligament and muscle damage. Often the worst aspect for a passenger involved in an accident is not the physical injuries but the psychological trauma that can occur. Whatever damage is done, the consequences, in terms of time off work or loss of function to carry out day to day activities, can be severe.

If you’re not sure how to, or whether you can make a claim for compensation as a passenger, whether against a family member, stranger, or public service vehicle operator, our experts can help. Simply call us on 01782 608 744, and we’ll talk you through what you need to know about making a claim.

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