Bus Accident Claims

If you have been involved in an accident where a bus is involved you may be able to make a bus accident claim for compensation. To find out if you do have a claim please contact us. At Your Personal Injury Partner we have a team of accident specialists who will listen to your description of the accident and the injuries you sustained. They will use this information to provide you with an initial, honest view on your chances of making a successful claim.

Bus travel is safe but accidents do happen

Although travel by bus is generally safe the Department of Transport estimates that 4.6 million bus journeys took place, in the UK last year, on the UK’s busy roads. It is inevitable that some accidents will happen and because buses carry large numbers of people who are sometimes standing, and never wearing seatbelts, injuries will follow.

That said it is not necessary to be a passenger of a bus to make a bus accident claim. Pedestrians have been injured, other road users and people stood at bus shelters.

Common Bus Accidents include:

Bus accidents with other vehicles
Sharp breaking causing passengers to be thrown forward
Overcrowding – standing passengers unable to support themselves on a moving bus
Pedestrians being hit by a bus
Cyclists been hit by a bus
Bus drivers closing doors on passengers before they have fully entered or exited the bus
Bus drivers starting to drive before passengers have fully entered or exited the bus
Falling downs stairs of double decker
Faulty seating collapsing or moving

Who to claim against

To make a successful bus accident claim you must have sustained injury and the accident must have been caused by someone else. In bus accident claims the fault of the injury is not always straight forward. Sometimes the accident is caused by the bus driver’s careless driving in which case the claim will be made against the insurance company of the bus owner. Other times claims are made against the Highway Agency because the poor condition of the road caused the accident or, the accident may have bee the fault of another road user. Bring your claim to us and we will investigate to ensure the correct insurance company is held liable to pay your compensation.

Recent case wins:

£4,500 for whiplash injuries when a bus was hit in the rear by another vehicle

£3,600 for a lady who was thrown forward when the bus driver braked sharply

£15,000 for a lady who was thrown forward when the driver braked sharply

A lady receives £2750 after she was thrown forward whilst a passenger on a coach

Types of bus accident injuries

Bus accident injuries range from minor soft tissue injuries, including whiplash, to broken bones, head injuries and sometimes, thankfully rarely, death.

Another common injury associated with bus accidents is psychological trauma. A bus accident can leave people traumatised and fearful of public transport. The stress caused by the injury and the financial implications of injury, can also cause serious physcological damage. It is important you seek advice from and experienced solicitor who can ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Although compensation will not undo the injury, psychological damage and trauma you may have suffered, it can help on the road to recovery alongside compensating for financial losses such as loss of pay as well as any care and medical costs that you may have incurred.

Make a bus accident claim today

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