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Cycling Accident Claims

Cyclists are the most vulnerable of road users when it comes to road accidents. Injuries sustained in cycling accidents often cause physical and financial hardship for the victim and require a lengthy period of rehabilitation. Injuries sustained in a cycle accident should always be reported to the police as well as a legal expert, who will determine whether you are eligible to make a bicycle injury claim.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident which was not your fault Your Personal Injury Partner can provide you with the knowledge and experience required to take legal action against the motorist responsible.

Our accident specialists will work with you every step of the way, offering clear, simple advice and support to receive the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to. We have always prided ourselves on our down to earth approach, which puts the client first.

Recent Case Wins

A fracture wrist after being knocked off a bike by a car - Awarded £27,000

A cyclist suffers with a back injury following a road traffic accident - Awarded £5,000

A cyclist suffers with collar bone, rib and physchological injuries - Awarded £16,500

Why should you make a cycle accident claim?

As well as having to deal with physical and psychological trauma following a cycling accident, there will also be financial losses to consider. When making a claim on your behalf, we take all financial losses into consideration including medical treatment, loss of earnings, replacing the bicycle and additional travel costs.

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, if you have been injured in a cycling accident in the last three years and it was due to the negligence of another road user, we advise you to take legal action.

Our solicitors have dealt with a significant number of cycling accidents and have succeeded in winning compensation for clients with minor injuries to life changing injuries.

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