Accident compensation - it's not just about the money

Accident Compensation – it’s not just about the money

We are fortunate to live in a society where compensation is available to those who are injured in an accident that was not their fault. A civilised society, where those that are injured are not abandoned but are supported and assisted to get back on their feet and to get on with their lives. 
Access to accident compensation is surely a good thing!  Yet personal injury lawyers have been tainted with the negative image of “ambulance chasers” and “accident compensation” has almost become a dirty phrase. The situation is now at the point where the government is proposing reforms which means No Win No Fee compensation claims will no longer be available to people with low value claims. 
No one can deny that the ‘so called’ ambulance chasers exist however, for the majority of personal injury lawyers the reputation is not fair. A reputable and ethical personal injury lawyer has the claimant’s wellbeing at the forefront of everything they do. A good lawyer not only aims to fight for financial compensation but the lawyer’s goal is to also give the claimant to access first rate support to either recover or deal with the consequences of their injuries. 

Accessing Medical Treatment

Injuries received in accidents can range from mild whiplash to life changing injuries that require a lifetime of care. Whether you need a second opinion, further investigation or the most modern treatments, a personal injury lawyer can gain access to these treatments for you and push for you to be seen as quickly as possible.

Treatment for Whiplash

Take this example of a 37-year old lady who was involved in a car accident resulting in a severe whiplash injury. Initial diagnosis confirmed whiplash as a result of a headlong crash and the specialist at the time prescribed a course of physiotherapy and estimated she should be pain free in 5-7 months. 
11 months later, however, she was still in pain, and so her personal injury lawyer arranged a second specialist opinion which resulted in CT scans to confirm sprains in her back and neck - which explained the prolonged intense pain. She was then referred to a pain specialist so she could receive the pain relief she so desperately needed in order for her to be able to live her normal life.

Modern techniques

Personal injury lawyers can not only expedite your treatment and give you access to specialists, they can also help you to obtain the most up to date, advanced techniques to treat your injury quickly and effectively.
Employed as a security officer in a major supermarket chain, a young man was hurt at work when he slipped and injured his shoulder whilst performing duties outside of his job description. The chain admitted liability but in order to gather the medical evidence needed to assess the level of compensation he should receive, his personal injury lawyer obtained MRI scans and access to pioneering treatment in the form of injections. This was private treatment. Had he not made a compensation claim he may never have received the treatment or if he did, the NHS would have ‘foot the bill’. 

Accident compensation solicitors can help with pyschological injury 

Accidents can leave more than just physical scars behind, they can leave severe mental trauma too which is much harder to see, diagnose and treat. After sustaining a severe head injury working as a refuse collector in Stoke-on-Trent, one gentleman began suffering the crippling effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and made a claim for post-traumatic stress disorder compensation.
The PTSD did not show straight away but it soon took a hold of his life, jeopardising his relationship with his partner and costing him his job as it altered his personality making him paranoid and sometimes violent. His personal injury lawyer helped this man to access vital cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to treat the PTSD, a treatment which has year long waiting lists on the NHS. This treatment is beginning to work and he is now using his compensation money to support himself and his partner as he retrains for a new career.

A brian injury left him unable to manage his affairs

In another example, comes from a brain damage compensation case a personal injury lawyer helped his client, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident, to stabilise their finances. After the injury, he was left unable to comprehend his finances at all; with simple bill paying now beyond him. He quickly got into difficulties and was being filed for bankruptcy when his personal lawyer secured an interim payment to prevent this before his final compensation amount was agreed.

Could new laws penalise the many for the actions of the few?

These new laws being introduced by the Department of Justice could see personal injury lawyers cut out of small injury claims. The DoJ rightly want to curb the number of false claims being made, but their new proposals, to see small injury claims no longer receive legal assistance on a no-win-no-fee basis, may result in claimants receiving less compensation and the reforms may restrict their access to the best healthcare. Access to private specialists may not be given and further burden put on the NHS, which is a situation no-one –patients and lawyers alike - would like to see.

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