Medical Negligence

Surgery Compensation Claims

Most surgeries are completed successfully but any procedure comes with an element of risk, and mistakes on the operating table can lead to serious illness and long-term damage to the body. If you’ve been hurt due to mistakes made during a surgical procedure, Your Personal Injury Partner can make a compensation claim on your behalf.

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The risks of surgery

No surgery is completely without risk but doctors and nurses should be experienced enough to minimise the chance of someone being left with long-term health issues after a procedure. If things go wrong during surgery the results can be catastrophic, leading to loss of feeling, the loss of a healthy organ or other long-term health problems.

We’ve claimed for:

  • The removal of healthy organs
  • Anaesthetic awareness
  • Breast augmentation mistakes/cosmetic surgery errors
  • Laser surgery errors
  • Failed sterilisation procedures
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Failed hysterectomies
  • Perforation during surgery
  • Bowel surgery complications

Mistakes made during surgery can lead to serious complications, further invasive treatment and in severe cases can lead to paralysis, the loss of a healthy organ or limb, or even death.

Recent case wins:

Misdiagnosis of Cauda Equina Leads to Need for Emergency Surgery - Awarded £100,000

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