Medical Negligence

Medical Test Negligence

When we are treated in hospitals or in doctor’s surgeries we assume that our test results will be accurately reported, and we also take it for granted that information will be passed on to the right person – but what happens if a breakdown in communication leads to a patient becoming seriously ill?

Here at Your Personal Injury Partner we have varied experience in dealing with negligence claims for people who have been left with serious health issues due to a failure to properly report test findings when undergoing medical care.

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Recent case wins:

Incorrect Diagnosis Leaves Condition Untreated Leading to a Heart Attack - Awarded £500,000

Failure to report test results

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are, of course, incredibly busy – but this doesn’t mean that errors in reporting test results are acceptable.

Failure to report test results could result in the following:

  • The administration of incorrect medication
  • Further unnecessary tests
  • Conditions being left untreated, resulting in serious illness

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Cases involving a failure to report medical tests, or cases where test results were reported inaccurately, can be complex and always require the knowledge of a specialist medical negligence solicitor.

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