Medical Negligence

Claims for Lack of Follow-Up Treatment

When undergoing medical treatment, no matter whether it is in a hospital or a GP’s surgery, patients should be able to expect a certain standard of care. However, probably down to a very busy schedule, follow up treatments might be missed by doctors and nurses. This lack of action could lead to some very serious health issues for certain individuals.

If you’re suffering from health problems which you feel have been caused or made more serious by a lack of follow up treatment after an initial session or period of treatment you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.

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The risks of failing to follow up

In many medical cases a patient is administered with treatment and a single session is all they need to be put on the road to recovery. However in more complex cases involving serious illness a follow up appointment is necessary.

A follow up appointment is essential in checking the following:

  • The success of the medication or treatment administered
  • Whether prescriptions/treatment plans need to be altered
  • Whether a patient has developed another related condition to the one first suffered
  • Other health changes

If you are suffering from a medical condition which you believe has been worsened by a failure to provide you with a follow up appointment after your initial treatment we can help you to claim.

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