Medical Negligence

Failure to X-ray Claims

Patients presenting at hospital with injured limbs are usually given X-rays to ensure that they have not suffered any fractures or breaks.

If this simple treatment is not given and fractures or breaks are not detected, patients can be left in incredible pain, or dealing with long-term health issues caused by breaks which have not been able to properly heal.

If you’ve suffered debilitating injury after an accident and you think that your condition might have been prevented if you had been properly X-rayed when visiting hospital, it is likely you will be eligible to make a compensation claim.

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What could go wrong?

Hospitals are incredibly busy places, and if you are admitted through accident and emergency it is likely that the doctors and nurses there will be juggling the care of many patients each. It is surprisingly easy for X-rays to not be carried out under such stressful circumstances.

It could be a result of:

  • Being transferred from one doctor to another
  • Moving beds
  • Lost/incomplete cases notes
  • Forgetfulness on the part of a medical professional
  • Faulty equipment

Regardless of the reason or reasons why you were not x-rayed, you can make a claim for the subsequent ill health you suffered as a result.

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If you were admitted to hospital following an accident or injury and you believe that a failure to X-ray led to your condition becoming more serious, or resulted in long-term health issues, we can make a claim on your behalf.

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