Failure to Warn of Risks

All surgery comes with an element of risk, and we all understand this when we put our trust in doctors and medical professionals – but what if your care giver failed to explain in detail the lasting health effects of your treatment, or didn’t warn you about other serious risks, and you were left with serious and debilitating side effects?

Here at Your Personal Injury Partner we can help you to claim clinical negligence compensation for health problems developed following surgery which you were not sufficiently warned about. We’ve claimed for injuries sustained during surgery as well as lasting side effects which patients were not properly prepared for.

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The obligations of medical professionals

If you’re undergoing surgery or a procedure of any kind your doctor or surgeon must inform you of all the potential risks involved. Risks are present during surgery as well as during the recovery process, and can include:

  • Anaesthetic risks (allergic reaction,
  • Risk of paralysis or nerve damage
  • Risk of brain damage
  • Secondary infection risk
  • Severe pain
  • Bleeding/blood clots
  • Problems with other organs

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