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Congenital Hip Dysplasia

Congenital hip dysplasia is a condition affecting the hip joint. The top of the thigh bone is unstable in the hip socket in sufferers of the disease, and most of those with the condition develop it at birth. If your child was born with congenital hip dysplasia which was misdiagnosed or missed, leading to further health issues, you may find you are able to make a compensation claim for their condition, the ongoing medical care they may need, and your distress.

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What causes congenital hip dysplasia?

Congenital hip dysplasia is present from birth and is the dislocation of the hip joint, leading to stretched out ligaments and loose limbs. In some newborns the condition is obvious from how their legs appear – the dislocated leg will look longer – and in others a comprehensive examination is needed.

Babies born with the condition will be treated with braces and similar devices. If hip dysplasia is not detected children could grow up with a limp and other walking issues.

Those with congenital hip dysplasia could be more vulnerable to conditions including osteoporosis in later life, and this should be taken into account when a claim is made.

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