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Cancer Claims

In order to maximise a patient’s chances of survival cancer must be detected and treated as soon as possible – and poor practice on the part of medical professionals can leave people vulnerable to serious ill health or even death.

The seriousness of overlooking cancer cannot be overstated and here at Your Personal Injury Partner we understand the enormous impact that a missed diagnosis, or incorrect assessment, can have on someone’s health and mental wellbeing.

If a medical professional treating you failed to properly diagnose your cancer, leaving you at risk of prolonged health issues, we can claim compensation on your behalf. For a no obligation chat with our team about your situation call us now on 01782 608 744 or fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch.

We also have experience in dealing with claims for those diagnosed with cancer who are in fact perfectly well – this is incredibly distressing and can result in serious long-term psychological damage, particularly if a false diagnosis has led to life changes and after death plans being put in place.

What could result in a cancer claim?

There are plenty of scenarios which could result in an illness being missed or misdiagnosed; we have dealt with claims involving:

  • Lab technician errors
  • Mistakes by doctors or nurses
  • Lost case notes
  • Inaccurately reported test results
  • False cancer diagnosis

We’ve claimed for delayed cancer diagnosis of all kinds, including breast, liver and lung. We can claim for a delayed in treatment even if you went on to make a full recovery, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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