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Anaesthetic Awareness Compensation Claims

Anaesthetic awareness is incredibly rare and is only reported in around one in 1,000 operations. The vast majority of incidences of awareness are brief and do not causing lasting damage. However, for people who remain awake during surgery, but cannot move or speak to tell their surgeon, the long-term psychological effects can be truly devastating.

If you’ve been the victim of improperly administered anaesthetic, or other mistakes led to you becoming aware of your surgery during the procedure, you can make a claim for clinical negligence. Contact Your Personal Injury Partner today to find out more about how much you could be entitled to – call 01782 608 744 now.

What is anaesthetic awareness?

There are two different kinds of anaesthetic awareness - sometimes people become aware they are being operated on yet cannot move or speak and feel no pain. While this is certainly distressing most recover and carry on with life as normal. Others wake up during surgery and can feel pain but cannot move. Those who have suffered this kind of anaesthetic awareness can be left with life-changing symptoms and severe psychological issues.

These include:

  • Post traumatic stress
  • A debilitating fear of medical treatment
  • Anxiety
  • Flashbacks
  • Trouble sleeping/nightmares

As well as this, the patient will have had to deal with excruciating pain during their procedure, which may have been hours long.

How does it happen?

Anaesthetic awareness can be down to:

  • Equipment error (either faulty equipment or user error)
  • An incorrect amount of anaesthesia being administered
  • The use of anaesthesia also containing muscle relaxants

Make a claim

If you have suffered the trauma of being awake during surgery you can make a claim for clinical negligence, regardless of whether or not the incident caused you to feel pain.

Here at Your Personal Injury Partner we understand the distress such incidents can cause – being awake during surgery is truly a nightmare scenario and can leave people with serious psychological issues for life.

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