Industrial Disease

Work-Related Hearing Conditions

Many people in various industries are exposed to very loud working conditions which could have a detrimental effect on their hearing. Workers particularly at risk are those who work in industrial settings like factories, as well as people who work on building sites and regularly use noisy equipment.

If you have found your hearing has worsened after being exposed to excessive noise levels in your workplace you could be eligible for compensation – particularly if your employer failed to provide you with the right safety gear to prevent hearing issues.

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Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive

The HSE provides guidelines on noise levels in all kinds of workplaces, from offices to factories. These are designed to protect employees from hearing damage and employers are breaking the law if they fail to adhere to them.

Employers must take the following steps to protect staff from hearing issues:

  • Assess the risks
  • Take action
  • Provide protection
  • Provide relevant training
  • Carry out health surveillance

Noise levels relate to the amount of exposure in a day, and the amount of noise exposure over an average week. Low noise exposure, where there is little chance of employees developing hearing issues, is set at around 80 dB a day or week. High exposure is set at 85 dB, and this small window shows the potential risk which employees could easily be subjected to.

As well as exposure to noise over time, employees in all sectors are at risk of hearing damage caused by exposure to a single incident of excessive noise, perhaps an alarm or explosion.

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