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Occupational Asthma Claims

Occupational asthma is common across a huge range of sectors and industries. It refers to asthma which can be directly attributed to conditions in the workplace, and generally develops after exposure to harmful substances.

All employers have an obligation to ensure that their staff are kept safe from dangerous substances and as well as carrying out comprehensive risk assessment they should provide the right safety equipment – gloves, boots and suits for example.

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 Occupational asthma and its causes

The main causes of occupational asthma are substances which are referred to as respiratory sensitisers and the most common are chemicals known as isocyanates, which are found in:

  • Spray paints
  • Adhesives
  • Foams
  • Surface coatings

Other less common causes of occupational asthma include:

  • Dust from flour or other grains
  • Wood dust
  • Chemicals in fumes produced by soldering
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Latex rubber dust

Employers are under obligation to take steps to protect staff from the effects of occupational asthma; precautions could include breathing equipment, masks or extractor fans.

If you suspect you may be suffering from occupational asthma there are warning signs you should look out for. If your symptoms are worse during the working week, you noticed an improvement in your symptoms while on a holiday from work or you have other associated conditions (runny nose, conjunctivitis) you may have workplace-related asthma.

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