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Farmer’s Lung Claims

Farmer’s lung is a serious condition caused by the inhalation of mould and harmful spores from damp hay and other crops. Like many other respiratory illnesses linked to working conditions it causes the lungs to become inflamed, and can leave people hypersensitive to similar issues for the rest of their life.

If you work on a farm or in another agricultural setting and your health has deteriorated after being exposed to hay or another crop which was damp and mouldy you could be entitled to claim compensation for your illness.

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Diagnosis and treatment

It is absolutely vital that those who develop farmer’s lung are not re-exposed to the original cause of their condition. This might mean that working practices need to be changed, and precautions put in place to make sure hay and other material does not become damp.

Most treatments for farmer’s lung are focused on preventing long-term damage rather than providing a cure. Lung function can be improved immediately after an attack but this doesn’t mean that long-term damage has been prevented.

Farmer’s lung can be fatal if not properly monitored.

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