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Dermatitis Claims

Dermatitis is the most common skin complaint that our specialist solicitors claim for. It refers to inflammation of the skin in general, and could be caused by allergy, exposure to harmful chemicals, detergents and other irritants.

At best dermatitis is uncomfortable and unpleasant but at worst it can leave people incapable of carrying on with their life as normal. Many of our clients suffering from dermatitis are forced to take time off work, and require comprehensive treatment to return their skin back to a healthy condition.

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Dermatitis and its symptoms

Dermatitis is usually characterised by:

  • Itching
  • Dry skin
  • Stinging/burning sensations
  • Skin lesions  which ooze and scar

Parts of the body particularly vulnerable to dermatitis include areas where skin folds – arms, backs of knees etc, the face and the hands.

People in all kinds of sectors are at risk of dermatitis. We have represented cleaners, factory workers, people who work with chemicals, hairdressers and a range of other employees. No matter what industry you are employed in we can help.

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