Tenant Injury Claims

If you live in a rented property and you, or a visitor to your home, suffers an injury because of a defect in the property you could be entitled to claim compensation if your landlord was negligent. 
A landlord has a legal obligation to keep their rental properties in a safe condition and in good repair. Unfortunately, whilst many landlords keep to the letter of the law and beyond to ensure their tenants are not put at risk, too many landlords are negligent in their duty. This is why we deal with many cases of tenant injury claims.

Types of common tenant hazards

There are so many potential injury-causing hazards in the average home and it makes no difference whether the building is old or new. If a property is not maintained properly and kept in good repair it can be an accident waiting to happen.

The most common sources of tenant injury include accident caused by:
  • Stairways both internal and external which do not have adequate lighting or which have faulty or non-existent handrails. Or stairways can be carpeted with worn or lose carpeting.
  • Faulty appliances. All electrical and gas appliances should be fitted by a certified fitter (Gas Safe or Electrical Installation Certificate). All gas appliances should comply with the Gas Appliances (Safety) Regulations 1995 incorporating the relevant EU Safety Directives. All electrical work, including changing light sockets and rewiring, carried out on a property should conform to Part P of the UK Building Regulations. A landlord is committing a criminal offence if he/she does not ensure the work complies with the regulations.
  • Defective furniture. Simply falling off a broken chair or slipping in the shower because of a loose handrail can cause injury.
  • Defective premises. This could cover inadequate locks on windows and doors which could enable an intruder to enter the property and assault or rob the tenant. Inadequate or faulty guard rails and catches on upper windows have been shown to cause accidents such as the case we had concerning a client who fell out of a window and sustained severe injury.
  • Leaking drainpipes or plumbing either inside or outside the property can cause weakened walls or surfaces or a slipping hazard if liquid is leaking on walkways
  • Damp or mould which can cause respiratory illness to develop or worsen.

What to do if you feel at risk - report the problem to your Landlord

It’s essential to remember that if a tenant spots a fault or hazard that is obvious then they must report it to the landlord and give him or her the opportunity to fix it before taking the matter further. However if it can be proven that a dated report was submitted and no repair was made then it can be used in court if you were to take action against a negligent landlord.

Different landlords, same rules

It makes no difference whether your landlord owns a private property, a housing association property, sheltered housing property or a Local Authority property. The fact is, any landlord is responsible for most repairs and maintenance (as set out in your tenancy agreement) and has a duty of care to ensure that a tenant can reside safely in the property free from carelessness or negligence on the landlord’s part.

Accidents can have long-lasting consequences

Accidents don’t have to be big to have life-changing effects. This was shown in a previous case we took up on behalf of a tenant who suffered as a result of a faulty electric cooker installation. She suffered an electric shock severe enough to cause tinnitus, hearing loss and dizziness. The injury alone was bad enough but the resulting stress and anxiety it caused, including subsequent mobility problems, was responsible for significantly blighting the tenant’s life.
The client who we helped following a fall out of window suffered an injury to his leg which has left him with permanent pain as well as a measure of facial scarring. This kind of damage can easily lead to lifelong psychological trauma too.

Any physical injury whether minor or significant has the potential to change a person’s day to day life.

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