Gym Accidents and Compensation

With current fitness industry statistics estimating that 1 in 7 UK residents have a gym membership, that means a staggering number of people are potentially visiting the gym every day. Whether you are an avid visitor to the gym or a more casual member looking to lose a few pounds the last thing you want is a gym accident which causes injury.

Some gym accidents and injury are inevitable

Gym injuries can occur when exercising. A pulled muscle to a joint strain can be caused by simply over doing things. There is no claim for compensation in these circumstances. It is important to do an adequate warm up and make sure that the techniques you are using are the correct ones to avoid these kinds of injuries. However, when you join a gym you should not be allowed to use the equipment without some form of induction, even if you have previously been a member of a different gym. A member of staff should be on hand to walk you through all the different equipment to make sure that you are fully aware of how each piece works.

Common Gym Accidents

It is not possible to claim for a sporting injury that was caused by over doing it but unfortunately, gym goers often get injured because of an accident that was not their fault. Common causes are:

  • equipment that is poorly maintained or broken
  • lack of training on how to use equipment
  • Tripping hazards such as weights and equipment that have not been stored away correctly
  • Instructors giving bad advice on how to exercise (e.g. if they have not taken into account any medical conditions you have)
  • Floors in exercise or changing room areas are not kept clean and dry and you could trip or slip as a result

Injuries caused in this way could leave gym owner’s liable, and you may able to claim compensation for your injuries, loss of earnings and medical treatment.

Gym owners’ duty of care

Owners of gyms and fitness centres have a duty of care not only to their members but also to their staff. This duty of care includes ensuring that it is possible for clients to exercise easily and safely, and that everyone is kept as safe as possible whilst on their premises. If safeguards are not put in place, are missing or fail and injury does occur then they are in breach of this duty of care and the injured party can claim compensation.

As part of this duty of care, and to avoid gym accidents, gym owners should ensure that all gym machines are maintained on a regular basis and any equipment that has developed a fault is removed from service until it has been mended or replaced. Gym equipment that is used frequently can easily develop a fault from one day to the next so maintenance checks need to be completed regularly. They should also ensure that all loose equipment is stored away correctly after each session; weights, steps, hula hoops and other such equipment should be placed correctly in their stands after use to avoid injury to both gym members and staff.

Hygiene can also be a top priority in a gym, with sweat a natural occurrence amongst those people exercising, therefore, a regular cleaning routine is also required. Care should be taken to use appropriate signage in any areas that have recently been cleaned to avoid accidents occurring from people slipping on wet floors, or even tripping over cleaning equipment.

Advice following injuries sustained at the gym

If you have been injured while at a gym or fitness centre, then it is important to:

  • Take the details of any individuals who might have witnessed your accident
  • Take photographs of the area where the incident occurred
  • Ask a member of staff to fill out an accident report form – this should be done no matter how minor your injury appears to be
  • Ensure that the duty manager is aware of the incident
  • Get checked out by a medical professional, even if you don’t think you are badly injured it is always better to get checked over

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