Escalator and Lift Accidents

Most of us are used to using lifts and escalators, many of us on a daily basis, and while most of the moving staircases and lifts we use are well maintained they still carry an element of risk. Clothing can become trapped in escalators, causing serious injury, and if a lift stops just a few inches short of a floor people can fall and be badly hurt.

If you’ve been injured while using a faulty escalator or a faulty lift then you are entitled to claim compensation, and the experts here at Your Personal Injury Partner can help. To find out more about our services call us now on 01782 608 744 and tell us more about your accident and the injuries you’ve suffered.

Examples of escalator and lift injuries

Escalators and lifts are both mechanical devices which can easily go wrong, even if they are relatively well maintained and regularly checked. Examples of accidents and injuries which could occur include:

  • Trips and falls caused by jerking or unexpected movement
  • Faulty lift doors closing on limbs
  • Limbs becoming caught in a moving escalator
  • Falls down lift shafts
  • Injuries sustained if a lift plummets to the floor

Injuries caused by faulty lifts and escalators can range from the minor to the very severe, and we claim for all.

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