Accidents in Public Places

If you’ve suffered an accident in a public place then you may not have considered making a claim as there isn’t a specific person who is at fault for your accident – but did you know that there are public liability laws in place to protect those hurt in public areas?

If you’ve been hurt in a public place - perhaps you fell over in a supermarket or were bitten by an animal - then the experts here at Your Personal Injury Partner can help you to claim the compensation to which you are entitled.

We’ve helped people hurt in all kinds of circumstances to claim compensation for their injuries, and these payouts are often vital in allowing them to carry on with life as normal. Compensation can be used to cover mortgage payments or other essential costs, and may also be used towards medical treatment.

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Recent Case Wins:

Claimant Suffers Torn Ligaments due to Council Negligence - Client Awarded £35,000

Limb, Elbow and Back Injuries due to Pothole Fall - Awarded £2,500

Leg Injury in Nightclub Fall - Awarded £4,500

Accidents in public

We’ve claimed for all kinds of accidents in public places. Below is a list of accidents we’ve claimed for but it is not exhaustive – however you’ve been injured we can claim for you, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Accidents in schools/colleges/universities
  • Accidents in supermarkets
  • Slips and trips on pavements and paths
  • Escalator and lift accidents
  • Injuries in public
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Swimming pool and leisure centre accidents
  • Animal attack claims
  • Sports injury claims

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