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Lifting, Handling and Carrying Injury Claims

Lifting, handling and carrying injuries are amongst the most common workplace injuries, and could be easily avoided if all employers carried out proper manual handling training.

If you suspect that your employer has neglected their responsibility to provide adequate lifting, handling and carrying training, and you have been injured as a result, contact the solicitors at Your Personal Injury Partner as soon as possible to discuss a potential claim.

Recent Case Wins

Back Injured caused by Heavy Lifting - Awarded £1,500

Freezer Door Causes Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to Ankle - Compensation Decided at a Joint Settlement Meeting 

Your Employer’s Responsibility

All employers have a duty of care to their employees, and should ensure that proper training is provided to guarantee a safe workplace. Both employers and employees should take steps to minimise the risk of suffering a manual handling injury.

Employers are expected to:

  • Review working practices and assess risks
  • Abolish any unnecessary lifting, handling and carrying tasks
  • Provide appropriate lifting equipment, where necessary
  • Ensure there are enough staff responsible for lifting tasks
  • Provide appropriate health and safety training

Employees are expected to co-operate with employers and participate in necessary training, but the burden lies mainly with the employer.

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