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Industrial Injuries

Industrial injury refers to any injury suffered by an employee as a direct result of their workplace responsibilities, or the negligence of a fellow employee, supervisor or employer. The experienced legal team at Your Personal Injury Partner specialise in helping the victims of industrial injuries claim financial compensation for their injuries.

Industrial injuries are severe by nature and they are often life changing. We will always push for the maximum amount of compensation available to you, and the money could be used to cover your medical costs and wages lost through being unable to work.

Common causes of industrial injuries

More often than not, industrial injuries are caused by the negligent behaviour of a fellow employee or employer. Employers may not have provided proper training on manual handling or operating dangerous machinery, or may not have ensured that the workplace environment was properly maintained. Similarly, fellow employees may have carried out tasks they knew they were not trained perform safely, or have openly flaunted regulations.

Whatever the situation, industrial law places the burden of employee safety on the employer; if you have suffered an industrial injury through no fault of your own, it is highly likely you will be eligible to make a claim.

Recent Case Wins

A fall caused by an exposed safety grid causes ankle injury - Awarded £11,250

Forklift accident results in a neck injury - Awarded £17,000

A tipped over roller causes whiplash and ligament injuries - Awarded £11,000

Worker loses the tip of his thumb at a recycling plant - Awarded £11,000

A lorry driver suffers with smashed teeth whilst in the unloading pay - Awarded £6,000

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